Partner With Served Academy…

Served Academy believes that better training yields not only a better staff but better restaurants and a more vibrant community. We believe that our staff, and prospective students, should be able to rise up to the middle class, end poverty cycles and creating lifelong independence. We believe in empowering lives. Additionally, we know that better training not only leads to job placement but opens the doors to management career paths.

At Served Academy, we respond quickly to industry needs and train in industry-recognized certifications, in order to create employees of high demand. Our program is aligned with WorkForce Development around the District in providing our city’s residents in overlooked and underserved communities with lifelong applicable skills. We believe that with proper training and career connections we will be able to instill the confidence needed in each of our students to be an incredibly successful and contributing member of society.

  • We have designed a low-cost but high-yield program, guaranteed to satisfy individual and industry needs.
  • We offer lifetime career connections assistance, interview training, and resume building
  • Our students will be independent and create hospitality success stories throughout D.C.


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A restaurant that is ready for customers

We believe restaurateurs should hold the highest standards for their staff and the service they deliver to your guests. And with these great expectations must come great training. Are you finding your time or your managers time is tied up in hiring? We feel a managers time is better spent servicing its guests not placing ads and searching through hundreds of resumes.

Served Academy trains restaurant staff in:

  • Proper Steps of Service and Guest Retention
  • Essential Food, Wine and Spirit Knowledge
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid
  • ServSafe™ Allergy, Alcohol, Food Safety, and Workplace Harassment
  • Highest Levels of Guest Satisfaction

We have nationally recognized certifications and unparalleled training to help our students achieve their highest training potential. Our independent students are ready to work for you. They are prequalified through our admission standards and have shown high levels of ethics, capability, and motivation.

By partnering with Served Academy, you can expect:

  • High quality, well-equipped staff
  • Higher levels of employee and guest retention
  • Greater levels of customer satisfaction
  • Higher sales and lower costs
  • An available search for our candidates to find exactly what you need in your staff
  • More opportunities to focus on team-building and restaurant enhancement

Not hiring but want to improve your staff?

We offer group discounts on certifications to employers. Let us know what your staff needs are and we will work with you to create a tailored curriculum.

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