About Us

At Served Academy, we believe in taking customer service full-circle by serving those least served and giving motivated individuals the tools and foundation they need to become true hospitality success stories. Served Academy is the districts only HELC OSSE Licensed vocational school designed to train professional waitstaff and bridge the gap between community needs, restaurants and consumers. We strive to tackle unemployment and underemployed by empowering DC residents to become more independent. Training students on how to  earn a living wage with lifelong career opportunities while  supporting the efforts of restaurants  who are challenged with finding quality staff.

Our training program consists of:

  • Food Service Introduction and History
  • Professionalism, Etiquette and Salesmanship
  • Core Food, Wine, Spirits, Beer Training
  • Becoming fully trained or Certified in several industry recognized certifications, including ServSafe Allergy, Alcohol, Food Safety, Workplace, and  American RedCross First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Lifetime Career Connections and Resume Building
  • And more…

Backed by a team with over 50 years of combined industry expertise, our Passion for Service™ curriculum is a comprehensive training program designed to transform hopeful beginners into capable hospitality professionals.

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Who We Are

We are dedicated restaurant professionals who are passionate about our industry and extending it to the hopeful masses as a sustainable, lucrative and steady career choice.

Served Academy is the districts only HELC OSSE licensed vocational school designed to train professional waitstaff and bridge the gap between restaurant needs and the community. We seek to tackle the issues of unemployment and underemployed by empowering underserved DC residents, especially youth and veterans, to become more independent and earn a living wage with lifelong career opportunities. We have collaborated with local restaurant owners and managers who are challenged with finding quality staff and anxious to work with our alumni.

Why We Do This

Served Academy’s team is made up of passionate hospitality and educational professionals that believe in providing interested students with high-quality, specialized training and certifications, with a focus on under-served, underemployed, and unemployed residents.

Our teams 50+ years of experience in hospitality combined with 50+ years of experience in post-secondary education and industry training, has provided us a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the complex challenges and fundamental principles that drive success: Training, Proficiency, Passion, Excellence, Work Ethic, and Competence.

How We Execute

Served Academy has been uniquely designed to embody the core service industry essentials while embedding several industry recognized certifications into our proprietary curriculum, ensuring the readiness of each Served Certified graduate.

What to Expect

An intensive, proprietary, hands-on waitstaff training program which will include:

  • Learning the industry and the roles of each employee working together as a team to create an exceptional experience for guests and employers while enjoying a lucrative and flexible career
  • Appearance, Professionalism and Expectations representative of your restaurant
  • Steps of Service from Proper Greeting, Core Food, Wine and Spirit knowledge, Allergy Awareness, POS Training, Time management skills, And Much More!
  • Standards of Service – in-depth training on how to deliver the service components listed above and train at a level which will create exceptional guest experiences.
  • Core foundation in Wine, Spirit, Libations, Water and Coffee Service and Techniques from which to continue building
  • Guest retention techniques and skills to build long-lasting relationships

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Mission Statement:

Served Academy is dedicated to equitable admission policies, exceptional waitstaff vocational training, and rewarding opportunities and job placement assistance. We work closely with and support the efforts of restaurateurs  and their needs by offering our eager, reliable, and highly-qualified alumni to the restaurant community.

Served Academy pledges to bridge the gap between restaurant establishments, individuals looking for long term lucrative employment opportunities, and the communities that support both.

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